How to attract a great guy

One of the first questions I get asked is, ‘India Kang, how do I attract a great guy?’

And, of course you have to become who you want to date.   If, you have a quiet moment over this holiday season; I want you to take a blank piece of paper. And, on the left hand side, write down everything that you’re looking for in your dream guy.  Next, look down that list, and observe, if you can offer the same back.

It’s a great little exercise that I set my clients.  It’s simple yet effective, inasmuch as, it gets you to reflect on what you’re going to bring to the relationship. I’m sure, you’ll bring many wonderful qualities to any relationship.

The reason I want you to do this, is because, the first question isn’t, ‘how do I attract a great guy?’  The first question is ‘how do I become a great partner?’

And, that’s because, as you know – like attracts like.

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