Are you doing enough to meet Mr Right?

One of the most important things to meeting Mr Right – is to take action.  Not just any kind of action, but, what I call ‘massive action.’  It takes lots of action to meet Mr Right and has t to be treated like a full time job.

If you’re only on one dating site or app. unfortunately, this isn’t going to cut it.  This is nowhere near the right level of action that it takes to meet men. All of these methods for example, dating sites, apps, singles events, speed dating events, networking events.  All of these are, channels or platforms to meet men.

It’s only the 15th December. There’s still lots of Christmas parties going in.  There is always a New Year’s Eve singles ball taking place somewhere.  Look to see what’s happening in your local area. And, take as much action as you possible can.

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