He breaks my dealbreakers


Here’s my final tip for this festive period.  And, it’s all about judging less and trying to keep an open mind.

Let’s say you see a profile online and you’re not quite ‘feeling’ it.  Maybe you’ve even gone on a couple of dates with the same guy and you’re still not ‘feeling’ it. Maybe he violates what you think are one of your major deal breakers, despite this – I want you to give him a chance anyway.

The reason I want you to do this, is because, I have so many stories and many personal clients, who want on a duty date, in most cases, she didn’t even want to go the date. She didn’t feel he was ‘the one.’ and they ended up getting married. He ended up being her personal Mr Right  All because she turned up when she didn’t feel like it.

This Christmas, give men a chance. And, keep an open mind, because you just never know.

2 thoughts on “He breaks my dealbreakers

  1. Sally sue

    Yes!! So true. I would say deal breakers when it comes to physical looks. Not deal breakers like character issues or actions obviously. I went out with a guy who was bald and just sorta cute in his profile pics and we are getting married in April!!

  2. Lysander

    Here are my deal breakers:

    Physical violence
    Being physically restrained against my will
    Verbal abuse
    Deliberately chipping at my self confidence
    Needing a British passport
    Needing me to provide a roof over his head and income
    Obvious mental illness
    Taking recreational drugs
    Addiction to alcohol

    I’ve been on dates with men who have displayed one or more of the above, and have not continued with them. It’s better to be single and lonely than to suffer with the wrong man.

    What does everyone think?

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