Single at Christmas?


You might be spending another Christmas as a singleton. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be single next year.   I was single for a period of ten years. I celebrated ten Christmases as the only singleton in my family.  I have three brothers. Two of whom are married for twenty years plus. And, my younger brother is married fourteen, maybe even fifteen years.  I’ll have to double check with him.

This year, ignore what people say to you.  Ignore when they ask ‘why are you still single?’ Or when they probe ‘why haven’t you met anyone yet?’ It’s really none on their business. Simply pretend you haven’t heard.

This time next year, situations and circumstances could be very different. You could very realistically be spending Christmas in your own home, with your personal Mr Right.

Please try and think long term. And, try to focus on the bigger picture.

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