I’m not going to online date because I prefer to meet men in real life.

Many girls feel that dating sites don’t work, and that they’re a waste of time. You may even prefer to ‘meet men in real life.’  I’ve spoken to girls who refuse to online date because they feel men on sites are losers or weirdos.

I hope you don’t think in this way, but if you do I’m going to try and convince you to think differently.

Online dating sites are merely a ‘channel’ or a ‘platform’ to meet men. That’s all it is. It’s basically a way for you to meet men. Lots of men! It’s no better or worse than meeting men in real life.

Some of you know that I have an advertising background.  In advertising, when we planned a campaign, one of the first questions we would ask is ‘how do we target our customers?’ If we were promoting wine, it makes sense to target bars and restaurants since lots of people consume wine in those places.

In the same way, you want to target eligible and professional single men who are looking for love.  Many of these men are online. Sure, you’ll get your share of time-wasters, just like not everyone who visits a bar drinks wine, some may prefer beer or ale and some may be teetotal and prefer soft drinks! That said, on the whole, a large proportion of people who visit bars do enjoy wine.  It’s the same with online sites. The majority of men are looking for a serious relationship. And you’ve gotta be in it to win it.

As for my recommendation on which dating site to join? Join them all, or as many as you can. If you’ve followed me for a while or have read my books, you’ll know that personally I was on nine dating sites. The majority of my private clients are on ten plus sites.

Does it work?

Well… yes!  Last year, eight of my clients got engaged or married. So far this year, two of my clients got married and another two got engaged.  Last week I heard about a further two clients who are also married.  All were online dating.  In case you don’t already know, I also met my husband online. To give you some numbers, approximately 70% of my clients find love online and you can too.

If you still need more convincing, look out for my free online masterclass,  ‘How to meet Mr Right online seamlessly and effortlessly without writing to man first, ever!’

The dates for my masterclass have changed slightly, mainly to accommodate girls in different time zones. It will now take place on the following dates and times:

Sunday 24th September 7pm GMT

Tuesday 26th September 8pm GMT

Spaces will be limited, and there will be more details coming next week. For now, save the date, and find out why the last time I hosted an online masterclass, girls woke up at 5am to join!



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