Why Thanksgiving is an important milestone

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I’d write a post and share a video about why the holidays are so important. It’s not just Thanksgiving that’s important. All holidays within your respective social and religious calendar hold equal weight.  Another reason I’m talking about the holidays is because the festive season is fast looming too.  We’ll talk more about Christmas and the New Year in a couple of weeks’ time. For now, let’s focus on Thanksgiving.

The reason the holidays are important is because how he treats you during the holidays is indicative of how he feels about you. Let me explain what I mean. Men in love want to spend the holidays with you. They also want you to meet their family and friends. If you’re ‘the one’ then he’ll invite you to spend the holidays together or with his loved ones.

You’re his future. I’m going to repeat that. You’re his future. You’re the woman he plans to spend his life with, maybe start a family, and build a home with. You’re kinda a very big deal. So, yes, he’ll want to spend the holidays with you!

Normally men ask in advance for the holidays. My husband asked in September for Valentine’s Day.  OK, we’re a few months away from Valentine’s Day but the point is men generally don’t leave big events like holidays to the last minute. The reason he asks in advance is because he wants to make sure he’s pinned you down.

What if he doesn’t ask for Thanksgiving?

Well… this ‘action’ tells you everything you need to know about his feelings for you.  If you were unsure before, now you know with 100% clarity that he is not your Mr. Right.  If he asks last minute or doesn’t ask at all, then it’s time to re-think the relationship.

I’m forever telling my clients that men always reveal themselves – with very little effort on your part.  There are key ‘milestones’ within the courtship period which will reveal his intentions to you loud and clear. One of these milestones is ‘how he treats you during the holidays.’  I hope you’re open and willing to listen and take the appropriate action.

If he asks, great. Go along and have a great time.  If he doesn’t ask, it might be time to start dating again.



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