Four Weddings and Three Engagements

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas; approximately four days left depending on your time zone. Last Christmas, I received a tweet on Christmas Day to say ‘he proposed.’  He’d invited her to celebrate Christmas with her and proposed!  2016 was a bumper year for success stories with eleven of my clients either getting engaged or married.

I’m closing this year with another happy ending. Actually, quite a few happy endings and new beginnings.

Last week, I shared my client’s success story with you. This week, I am thrilled to share another success story with you.  Again, I’ll share what I can whilst respecting her privacy. Let’s call her Leanne.

Leanne was a single mother of an adorable little girl. In between working full time and taking care of her daughter, she still managed to date.  Leanne had her fair share of dating highs and lows. She also had many, many date zeros.  Early this year, fed up with dating, she wrote saying that “she’d had enough, didn’t want to do this anymore and was taking a break.”

Well… just before she took her break, she met the man who would become her husband.  They met online and after an incredible courtship, he proposed.  Lucky she didn’t take that break sooner, right?

Their nuptials are planned for this month.

During 2017 four of my clients said ‘I do’ and a further three got engaged.

Here’s a breakdown of when and how they met

March: Two weddings, both met their husbands online.  One engagement, she also met him online.

July: One engagement, they were introduced via friends.

September: One engagement, she met him online.

December: Two weddings, one met online and the other client met via mutual friends

In terms of ages, the youngest is 28 and the eldest 61! My 2017 success stories are based in Los Angeles, New York, Poland and the UK.

I’d like to end this year to say that even if you’re fed up, want to delete all your profiles and never attend another singles event ever again,  keep going and stay in the game.  You know what they say: ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn, but the dawn never fails.’

Finally, there are many ways to meet Mr. Right. As you can see from my 2017 stats, online dating is proving a huge hit with my clients; which is why I’m re-running my ‘Find Love Online’ Masterclass in 2018!  I’ll be sharing further details in the New Year.

In the meantime, may I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



P.S.  This is my last blog post for 2017 and I wanted to say thank you for reading and following.  I’m now signing off for the festive period.  I look forward to seeing on the other side.

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