No-one was writing to me online or trying to date me

Before my online masterclass takes place, I thought I’d share some of my personal journey with you too.

When I first started online dating, no-one was writing to me. I say no-one, but I think I was probably getting one or two messages a week. None of these were quality messages, and no-one was in any hurry to take me out.

At that time, I was convinced online dating was a con.  A little like all those ‘Build your business in 6 simple steps’ messages, that constantly appear on social media feeds. I’d told myself online dating didn’t work!

Then I made one change, this small change completely changed my dating destiny. I also joined several different dating sites and played around with different usernames – to see which gave me the most traction. In other words, I ‘tested’ various usernames and different words in my profile. I also tracked my results every week. I wanted to see which changes gave me the best results.

On one site alone, I attracted many views and messages. I actually took a screenshot of some of the stats:

So, yes, I figured out why no one was writing to me online. Then I tested, tracked and ‘cracked’ the formula for finding love online. About 70% of my clients meet their Mr. Right online.

As some of you know, I met my husband online too and this October we’re celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary.

I’m so passionate about each of you finding love, and feel frustrated to see so many of you getting it wrong! That’s why I’ve decided to host a free masterclass teaching you “How to meet Mr. Right online seamlessly and effortlessly without writing to men first, ever!”

The masterclass is taking place at the following times:

Sunday 25th February at 10 am and again at 7 pm UK Time

Monday 26th February at 7 pm GMT

Spaces are limited and filling up fast, so be sure to Register Here.  Last year, in some time zones girls woke up at 5 am to join. Sign up quick and I look forward to teaching you the formula for finding love online.

Love, India

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