Why do I keep attracting timewasters?


Firstly, Happy February! It’s officially February which means Valentine’s Day will soon be here.  Valentine’s Day is an interesting time within the courtship calendar and I’ll talk more about that in a later post.

In today’s post, I’m talking about a very popular question that I’m asked often by lots of you. And that question is:

“Why do I keep attracting timewasters?”

Some of you are so fed up with men wasting your time that you’re ready to quit.

Don’t quit!

To help you understand why you keep attracting timewasters, I’ve recorded a short four-minute audio with the answer.

You can check that out above.

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Monday 26th February at 7 pm UK time

I’m very excited to be hosting this Masterclass again this year. Also to let you know, this Masterclass won’t be running again this year.

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