Ten very practical ways to manifest Mr Right

At my recent London meet up, we were discussing ‘how to manifest Mr Right.’

I’m not going to write about the theory behind manifesting – there’s plenty of theory readily available via YouTube videos and various Law of Attraction books.

Instead, here are ten very practical things you can do right now, to kickstart manifesting Mr Right.

These are all things that I never considered while single, mainly because I was single and didn’t have the foresight that I have now. I hope that by sharing my wifely knowledge and insights, these ten points will help you to ‘align’ your manifesting vibrations.

1. Shoes

When he comes home from work, is there space for him to change into his comfy home shoes?  Do you have a nice warm welcoming mat where he can change from work shoes into comfy home shoes?

2. Car

Is there space for him to park his car? When I met my husband, I was living and working in London. And, in order for my husband to park his car outside our place, we had to apply for a parking permit via the local council.  Do you have ample parking? If not, where will Mr Right park his car?  If, like me, you need to apply for a parking permit, check online to see which paperwork you’ll need. We needed everything from a driver’s licence, car insurance, two pieces of I.D, blood type and more. I’m kidding on the blood type.  But for us, it was a long-winded and laborious process.

Same for his car keys. Where will Mr Right place his car keys?

3. Coat

Similar to his shoes, where will he hang his coat?  If you live in colder climates, bear in mind that his coat might be heavier and probably bulkier than yours.  In which case, you’ll need sturdy coat hangers.  Do you have a sturdy coat hanger?

4. Work or laptop bag

After a hard day’s work, where will Mr Right put his bag down?  Is there space for his laptop bag and where will he pack his bag in the morning? My husband doesn’t carry a bag but he does sometimes carry a laptop bag.  He usually places his bag on the kitchen worktop or sometimes on the bed. Where will your Mr Right pack his laptop bag? Is your kitchen counter clear and declutter free?

5. Bathroom

Is there space for his toiletries, including his shaver and shaving kit? How about shower gel? He probably won’t use your feminine smelling hair and body products. How about your bathroom mirror, is it clean? Remember Mr Right will need a clean mirror to shave.  Don’t forget his bath towel and robe. Where will he hang both?

6. Bedroom

This one is fairly obvious, I think!  Some things to consider are; where will he hang his clothes?  Which side will he sleep?  Does he have somewhere to place his phone, receipts, watch, Fitbit and sports drink?  Trust me on the receipts, I find them everywhere. My husband throws his things into a small basket which he’s placed on his side of the bed.  Do you have a small basket?

7. Dinner

Mr Right will probably want to eat and once married it’s not all fancy dinners and takeouts. Trust me on this one too. Do you have a couple of signature recipes?  How about table settings, napkins matches/lighter to light candles.  What about a big vase? Mr Right will be bringing you lots of flowers. Do you have enough vases?

8. Freezer

Clear it out.  You’ll need room for all those tasty dishes which you’ll pre-cook and freeze in advance – ready to defrost when you don’t fancy cooking.  Don’t worry if you only have a small freezer.  My freezer used to be tiny. I had three freezer drawers in total which I shared with my flatmate. We split the drawers 50/50 which left me with one and a half small freezer drawers. These days I have a tall free-standing freezer which is completely full.  Another thing I want you to trust me on.

9. Large plastic storage containers

You’ll need these for all his old laptops, leads, cables, wires, old and dated router boxes (this weekend, I threw away five old router boxes, with my husband’s permission, of course!) What I can say, other than ‘trust me’ again.

10. Stamps

Yes, stamps! Now that you’ve met Mr Right, chances are your family will grow which means more Christmas cards to post. So, you’ll need some stamps. Last Christmas I wrote and posted over 70 Christmas cards. In my single years, I used to write about 10 Christmas cards, and that’s if I could be bothered to send any cards. These days, as a married woman, I write over 70 cards and I have to be bothered.

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