How to attract high value men

Every single woman I speak with wants to attract and meet a high value, successful and professional man.  I’m yet to speak to any woman who is happy ‘to settle’ or who is looking to meet a guy who is broke, unemployed, or a buyer beware. Yesterday, a client who is currently taking my ten-week transformation course asked about attracting high-value men. Our conversation inspired today’s blog post.

So, how do you attract high-value men?

Those of you reading this post who are more ‘spiritually’ advanced will know that to attract a better quality suitor, you have to raise your own vibrations. Mostly when I hear a woman expressing that, ‘no good men exist’ or  that ‘they keep attracting low-quality leads’ I  know there’s a little ‘work’ for her to do.

Either she needs to work on her look, i.e. how she presents herself to men, it could be her attitude, mindset, deal breakers or maybe she’s not dating smart.  Everyone can ‘date,’ just like everyone can start their own business.  When I started my coaching business, back in 2011, I used to charge £25 for a quick question.  Those of you who have worked with me privately will know that these days I charge significantly more. So what changed?

I did!

When I first started coaching clients, some couldn’t afford £25. I once held a talk in London and charged a £10 fee. One lady wrote saying that she really wanted to come but couldn’t afford the £10 charge.

I totally understand, because we all perceive ‘affordability’ differently.   In the beginning, I also used to attract lots of questions via Facebook messenger.’  I don’t ‘attract’ that anymore, and I can’t remember the last time I was asked a ‘quick question.’

What happened?

I raised my game and my prices and revamped all my packages and services.

I now attract clients who can afford my prices. My clients are doctors, scientists, biologists, lawyers, solicitors and many hold senior positions within FTSE 100 companies.

Yes, I still get clients who want to work with me and who can’t afford my costs.  In a similar way, you’ll still attract men who write but may not be the type of guy you want to date. In business, pricing is a huge factor when selecting the right product or service and my costs are the way they are for a couple of reasons:

  • There has to be some investment on your part and this investment has to ‘feel’ like a stretch. This way you’re more inclined to do the work.  This is great news for you because you’ll get results – after all, you’ve made the investment and you want to get your money’s worth.  This is exactly what I want to, I want you to get life changing results.
  • Not everyone can afford my prices because whilst for some my costs are expensive for others they’re affordable. I don’t want anyone to get into debt or take out a loan in order work with me. And in this case, I recommend other coaches who may be a better ‘fit’ for you.

Attracting better quality men works in exactly the same way.  It’s up to you to determine your ‘price.’  Not every man will afford your price, which is a positive because that’s how men naturally weed themselves out. Some men may even ask you to lower your price, but you don’t because you know your worth and you know what a great catch you are.  It’s not about lowering your price, it’s about him being able to ‘afford’ you and if he can’t, well just like in business, this means that you’re not a good fit. And it’s in both your interests to date someone who is a perfect ‘fit.’

Who makes the change and who sets the price?


It’s up to you to work out what you’re looking for and what you will and won’t tolerate.  It’s also up to you to set your boundaries.  Boundaries are a little like business terms and conditions. Terms are conditions are a perfectly acceptable and normal way to do business. Dating terms and conditions may feel alien and strange because, ‘when you know, you just know, right?’

Not always!

I’ve had clients who say they want to work with me, proactively request that I invoice them and then I don’t hear from them again.  In dating, you’ll have the same experience, you’ll date men who say that ‘they’ve never met anyone like you and that they’d like to see you again’ and they’ll never call you back.

What happened?

He was never a good fit. Don’t take this personally either, because it’s not personal.  Instead, give gratitude because he weeded himself out without you lifting a finger.

Spend some time this week determining your value, price and worth and if you need a helping hand, get in touch.



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