3 very practical ways to manage work, life and dating

“I don’t have time to date” is a common excuse when it comes to dating.  I understand how busy life can get.  In today’s post I’m going to give you three very practical ways to work full time, have a life, exercise, socialise with family and friends, plan long lazy weekend brunches and still manage to date!  You’ll even have time to fit in your favourite pastime, watch films, read a book and sunbathe.

Here’s how to work, have a life and date.

1 The Date Zero – If you’re a busy person, The Date Zero is your new best friend. The Date Zero is the very first time you meet a new guy and lasts two hours maximum.  It can be shorter, you can end the Date Zero after 30 minutes if you want too. Once you master how to set up The Date Zero, you’ll never give any guy more than two hours ever again.

2 Date stacking is a great strategy and it basically means you stack all your dates over one or two dates.  In my courses, I teach you how to do this and I provide fool proof scripts to successfully date stack. Date stacking frees you up because you arrange all your dates over one or two dates. For example, on a Saturday you could stack your dates for 11 am, 1.30pm, 4 pm and you could even squeeze a final date at 6.30pm.  That’s four dates arranged in one day which is easier than arranging dates over several days. Plus, you only need to get dressed once!  Also, remember that men travel to you, you no longer have to worry about trekking up and down the country to meet men. You stay put in your area and they come to you.

3 The Dead Zone – I absolutely loved the Dead Zone. The Dead Zone starts Friday at 6 pm and ends Sunday at 6 pm.  In a nutshell, if there’s no date in your diary, you’re free to do whatever you like.  When Dead Zone struck I used to skip home. I’d turn the corner into my street and skip down the road knowing that I didn’t have to think about dating until Sunday at 6 pm. A whole weekend to all myself. I could do whatever I wanted, I could even take a short trip aboard if I wanted to.

The majority of my clients are professional successful women and here’s how they manage to juggle, work, life and dating.

One of my clients is a senior global HR director, she often has to work late because her role is global which means that she has to attend late conference calls, she leaves work at 6 pm, has her dates and then heads back to the office.

I have another client who is a very busy personal assistant. Her schedule is full, her working hours are 8 am to 8 pm, and she leaves her home at 6.30am every morning to commute into London.  She had to organise her dates at lunchtime or over the weekend. She doesn’t have the luxury of dating after work because by the time she finishes work and depending on the traffic – she still has a 90-minute commute home. I’m delighted to report that she’s currently in an exclusive relationship. If she can find Mr Right while working twelve hour days, you can too.

Here are a few things I want you to bear in mind:

  • Not all of your dates will turn up which is why date stacking is a marvellous technique because you haven’t wasted time getting dressed up for one guy. Some of your dates will also cancel. One of my clients who is a pro at date stacking once arranged three dates for Saturday and all three cancelled. Another time she arranged four dates on a Saturday, thinking one would probably cancel and all four turned up.
  • Most of your dates won’t look anything like their profile pictures which is why The Date Zero is so ingenious. You’re no longer committing to long first dates, two hours maximum is all he gets.
  • You can’t control what men do – as in the above two examples, men might cancel, turn up late, look nothing like their profile pictures. If you’re a busy dater, you will have experienced many of these scenarios. There is no point worrying about what he does and doesn’t do, instead focus all your energy on staying and finding the positive. I used to tell myself that, “at the most basic level at least I met a new human being.” I had my fair share of dating highs and lows, just like you will too. Stay positive ‘while’ you date and meet Mr Right and if you need a helping hand, get in touch.

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