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Firstly, if you took my recent survey, thank you for taking the time to give me your views. I promised that I was going to use your responses to deliver more of the content that matters to you and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

According to your feedback, one of your main dating challenges is, ‘where to meet men.’

Here are some of the popular ways to meet men

1. Online dating – I’m a huge advocate of online dating. Join as many sites as possible.
2. Dating apps – some of you still won’t use dating apps which is a shame because the vast majority of my clients, (me included!) are meeting men online! Lots of men are online. If you’re still on the fence about dating online, please get online because this is a great way to meet men.
3. Speed-dating events – search for events in your area. If there are no events in your area, search for events in the next town or city.
4. Singles parties – again search for events and go.
5. Networking – ask within your family and friends’ networks and circles. Let everyone know you’re looking to meet Mr Right. If your friends and family set you up on dates, even if you don’t like the date, just go.
6. Work – lots of people meet their significant others in the workplace. Start dressing better for work and remember to keep things professional.
7. Your local place of worship will sometimes have matrimonial services. Ask around and sign up.
8. Join clubs/meet up groups, basically anything that interests you where there is likely to be a high proportion of males. For example: don’t join an all-female gym.
9. Bars, clubs and restaurants aren’t always the best places to meet single men. The downside of bars and restaurants is that you don’t know who’s single. If all you can manage is one bar once a week, that’s slightly better than doing nothing.

10. Airports are good hunting grounds too. If you’re planning a getaway, get to the airport early and hang around. If you live near an airport and are dateless, get dressed up, sit in a coffee shop with your book or laptop.

Here’s what I did to meet Mr Right together with my results. 

1. Online dating: I was active on nine dating sites yet subscribed to about fifteen if not more. Some sites produced great results while others not so much. If one site wasn’t producing leads it didn’t matter as the other eight made up for the shortfall.

2. Speed dating and singles event: I attended singles wine tasting, singles dating in the dark, singles balls, singles lock and key parties, a singles cinema club – to name a few. All my efforts resulted in two leads which didn’t go anywhere

3. Gym: I joined a mixed gym and no one significant asked for my number.

4. Family and friends: I put the word out to my family and friends. Most responded with something like, ‘Oh, I don’t know anyone’. My entire network generated one lead.

5. Matrimonial list at the local temple: I joined the matrimonial list at my local temple and paid £35 for an annual membership. The matrimonial list was simply a list of your vital stats i.e. age, height, education, profession. No photos. This list generated one lead.

6. Matrimonial/matchmaking agency: I joined a matrimonial agency and had no luck in the form of quality leads.

7. Coffee shops/galleries/museums/festivals/meet-ups/members club: I frequented all these places regularly and can’t remember any leads.

8. Running club: I joined a local running club which boasts 2.5 k members and I attended their summer and Christmas parties. No quality leads!

In short, there are lots of ways to meet men and your ‘dating strategy,’ (Yes, you need a dating strategy) needs to take a 360 approach. What this means is to strategically try everything and see what results you get. 

Earlier this week I spoke with a client who wanted to know if she could stop attending singles events. I told her she could stop and that’s because she’s getting so many quality dates online that she no longer needs to attend singles events.

However, I have another client who does have to attend singles events. In her case, she’s a dating newbie and I want her to practise meeting men in real life. I also want her to practise responding back to men’s dating questions. 

Your dating strategy will depend on a) how serious you are about meeting Mr Right b) where you are in your dating journey c) what is and isn’t working for you. Create a plan, monitor your results and if you need a helping hand, do get in touch.

NEW Facebook Community 

I’m excited to launch my new Facebook Community. It’s now officially open and it’s a ‘community’ for like-minded women who are looking for dating support and guidance. 

If you’d like to join, click here and I look forward to ‘seeing’ you in there.



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