Hello, I’m India Kang and I help women find love.

I was in my 30s, I had a great career in Advertising, my own place… basically, I had everything except Mr. Right. I figured love would just happen. That’s what the media told me, and I believed it. I didn’t think I’d have to ‘work’ at finding Mr. Right.  How wrong I was!

I reached 37 and love hadn’t miraculously shown up on my doorstep so I figured I should do something about it. I started to date. I also started to blog about my dating experiences. I hoped my stories might help other single girls like me to date better and more efficiently.

I started my blog in 2010. By 2011 I was a certified dating and relationship coach.  In 2012, I gave up my full-time job to work on dating and relationships full time, and in that same year, I met my own Mr. Right. After an incredible courtship, he proposed nine months later and we married in October 2013.

It wasn’t an easy journey. I’ve experienced first-hand how tough urban dating is and had my own fair shares of dating high and lows. But somewhere along the way (and after a million first dates), I realized that by applying a structure and framework you can make dating work for you.

Since then, I’ve consulted with hundreds of girls from all over the world and many, many thousands online.  I give women the skills, tools, and techniques to date better, weed out the time wasters and help find the type of love that they deserve.

I’m also a Rules certified dating coach, teaching The Rules to girls who are open and ready to embrace their timeless teaching.

If you’re ready to start dating in an empowered way, I’d love to hear from you!