“India Kang is a dating and relationship coach who practices what she preaches. She has first-hand experience of the many pitfalls, highs and lows of modern dating and relationships. Her blog is a regular source of knowledge and inspiration to  girls across the globe. She’s a coach who embodies and lives by The Rules.  If you want to get married talk to India today!"

- Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, New York Times bestselling authors of The Rules and Not Your Mothers Rules


India Kang tells it like it is, and is a charming and gracious lady at the same time! She is not your well-meaning friend who will take your side even if you are wrong, she is a coach who will give you the advice you desperately need to have a better relationship, not just with men, but with yourself. Sometimes it will be hard, sure, but it’s way better than being mistreated and taken for granted. India Kang’s character and integrity shines through her work and everything she does. Contact her and let her take care of you, she always looks out for her girls!

Mary, early 20s, Mexico.

I took your advice and changed my criteria on what I was looking for in a guy and have met an amazing guy. Totally opposite to what I go for. Gave him a 2nd date even though he wasn’t my usual type. I’ve been seeing him nearly 4 months and he’s never ever pushed me into anything I don’t want to do. I’d rather be with a guy who respects and cares about me than who just wants me for one thing. This is thanks to your advice so please publish this story as I’m the most vain girl going and you changed my mindset

Theresa, 39, UK

Thank you India Kang, very very informative, a huge eye opener, in ten weeks you taught what would have taken me years to learn by myself!

Katie, 29, UK

Wow the dates keep coming, Will have my fourth date zero from online dating tomorrow. All thanks to India’s revamp. I’m so glad I booked. Thanks India!

Rita Cohen, 30, Australia



I’m now dating my guy exclusively!! He keeps telling me how much he loves me and how he sees a future for all of us. I’d never have made it without your help and advice. Thank you.

Susie Stephenson, 27, UK.

Well… this is very interesting. After consulting with you I logged on and I am getting more quality messages In 4 weeks you have completely changed my dating life.

Charlotte, 45, UK


I know you said men are always buying you gifts and I didn’t believe you.  You were right my guy keeps buying me gifts. Thank you for your wisdom.

- Nicky, 28, Philippines.



Dear India, everything you said happened, so pleased I put my trust in you. You really have a skill.

Helen, 33, UK

Thank you so much for an uplifting and thought-provoking session! India really knows her stuff. Our session made me realise ‘why settle for average when you can have the BEST!!’ Lovely to meet you too!!

Lucy Brown, mid-30s

I’m back totally motivated. Our session was fantastic, I absolutely loved it, feeling confident and am looking forward to putting everything you said into practice!

Raveena, early 30s

I found India’s Meet and Greet extremely helpful. All the girls were lovely and friendly. We all empathised with each other’s scenarios. And all talked about how we could help and support each other with dating. I came away feeling totally inspired. Not just a little, but completely!! I cannot wait for the next meeting!

Audrey, 31, UK








I really enjoyed India’s recent meet-up for two reasons. Firstly, India’s advice shows you exactly how to apply The Rules to a variety of real-life situations that everyone comes across in dating. I had previously been reading the book as a formulaic ‘instruction manual’ and frequently found myself unsure of what to do next. India demonstrated that when you transform your mindset and approach dating with the playful and truly self-confident approach of a CUAO, there are in fact no real set-backs – you simply ‘NEXT!’ and have no qualms about doing so when you remember your own worth.

Secondly, it was fantastic to meet so many other wonderful, friendly and like-minded  girls of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds. With almost all of my close friends ‘taken’ and offering advice I don’t agree with, I really appreciated the chance to talk to other women about how they used TR during their own dating journeys. The overall message from the group is that their dignity is intact, they are no longer afraid of a dating experience not working out and they have transformed their lives for the better by taking up new activities in relying on themselves for their own happiness.

You are responsible for raising your own self-esteem and truly believing that you are a CUAO. India has done a tremendous service to women in perpetuating this vital message. I am looking forward to the next meeting and cannot thank her enough for all her good work.

- Nancy, late 20s


Like many other women acquainted with The Rules, I believed in the principles behind them but struggled with following some of the more abstract Rules. I also really doubted my ability to execute then with confidence. Over the last 2 months, I have done some intensive coaching with India which has included one-off consultations and master classes. Thanks to her superb advice, I am now in the position to say honestly that I have a full understanding of The Rules and how to apply them. My nervousness and lack of confidence has been replaced with an optimistic, assertive, ‘let’s see who’s good enough’ attitude.

I have got back my dignity and self-esteem and realised for the first time that The Rules are not about winning a man, but a man winning us. The point is, NOTHING BAD HAPPENS when we do The Rules. Only good things result. And I would never have realised this fully had it not been for India who has been such a source of inspiration for me over the last few weeks. Thank you so much for truly making a difference in my life.

Ruth Walsh, early 20s

I attended a dating support group that India had arranged and came away feeling totally energized and positive about my relationship future. India is a very positive and strong woman (oh and also beautiful) and inspired me to take charge of my own life. It was also great to meet other girls because lets face it, dating can be tough sometimes (we have definitely all had those days where we just text a guy back for no reason at all!) It’s really good to know that I have a group of women I can rely on for things like make up tips and going to dating events who will help me stay strong and be the kick ass, confident lady I know I am.

The thing I liked most about the group was that India never made anyone feel like it was too late to find that person. It really doesn’t matter what age you are or where you are from, if you are committed to dating, you are going to find your special guy. I would recommend booking a session with India  to anyone who is sick of being treated badly by men and wants to find a fulfilling relationship and also meet awesome women.

Aman, 29, UK

I just wanted to take a minute to really thank you India for your consultation as well as recommend everyone for a consultation. My 4 month relationship ended suddenly out of nowhere on Sunday and I have been absolutely devastated. I couldn’t understand what happened and after talking to you, India, it all makes sense. I can’t believe how much perspective you provided on my life! You are amazing. You gave me hope during a time where I didn’t have any when it came to men

Katie, Mid-20s, USA

I just wanted to tell you that I feel you’ve brought a huge change in me. I feel like a new person having spoken to you yesterday. After our Skype consultation I went out and shopped until I dropped, revamping my wardrobe and footwear. The two dates I’ve got coming up I’m not that bothered about because, thanks to your advice, I’m now refusing to accept less than I deserve. All profiles and photos have been updated. Like you said, now I just have to be actively passive.

Michelle, 42, UK


A consultation with India was just what the doctor ordered. I was a little nervous turning up because I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t need to worry. It was great; it was also great to meet India too. she kept me strong. India blogs regularly which I really appreciate as it keeps me on track

- Maria, 28, UK


Thank you, thank you. Your advice has just prevented me from making some serious mistakes. I’m so pleased I found you.

Simone, 22, USA

Thanks to you my boyfriend became my husband. I must admit, at first I didn’t believe your methods would work but they did! Thank you so much.

Tina, 31, China


I just breathed a huge sigh of relief. Thank you for putting me back on track. Already looking forward to our next consultation.

- Clara, 29, Spain